Dylann Roof: The Media's New Alt Right Demon

img_7520-1Dylann Roof competent to stand trial, judge rules

CNN’s headline story on the morning of Friday, November 25th put Dylann Roof back into the national spotlight. For those working hard to demonize anyone branded with the “ALT Right” or “White Nationalists” label, the timing couldn’t be more convenient.

The demonization of the “Alt Right/White Nationalists” group, has amped up since the election. I previously predicted that after the election a violent incident would be blamed on someone branded an Alt Right extremist. Their purpose in doing this would be to increase the public’s fear of domestic terror and to direct the public’s aggression towards the Alt Right. What I didn’t consider is that they might do this using an old event instead.

Dylann Roof fits the role of a White Nationalist demon perfectly. He’s what the mainstream media wants the public to think of when they think of the Alt Right, White Nationalism, or anything associated with Trump.

I believe that the media will make Roof the face of the Alt Right. The public will be reminded of the Dylann Roof narrative, and they’ll be lead to believe that under a Trump administration, stories like that of Dylann Roof will become common place.

To believe that the Dylan Roof’s of the world will run rampant under a Trump administration is a totally insane and irrational thing to believe. But that’s the purpose of demonization propaganda; to bypass all logic and reason, and appeal directly to fear and hate.

The media has found the face of their Alt Right demon.

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  1. As you have pointed out in the past, advertising these kinds of events could actually inspire them. And as I never tire of pointing out, just because they’re false flags doesn’t mean no one died, or that no one will the next time, whether these events are truly the work of lone wolves or government operatives. (I heard one theory that this event might have been a multipurpose operation based around the assassination of the pastor! Ya never know…)

    • Yes, by recounting what happened or what supposedly happened through the media, it acts as a demonstration of what to do and potentially leads to self fulfilling prophecies. The pastor theory sounds interesting.

  2. Upon further investigation, this guy was obviously in on it…psy op all the way…Here’s what he said just a month or two before Charleston: “It is my hope that as South Carolina senators, that we will stand up for what is best and good about our state and really adopt this legislation and find a way to have body cameras in South Carolina. Our hearts go out to the Scott family, and our hearts go out to the Slager family, because the Lord teaches us to love all, and we pray that over time, that justice be done.” http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/06/south-carolina-state-senator-clementa-pinckney-speech-walter-scott-video…maybe they sacrificed him, but they didn’t need to take him out…

  3. “The judge delayed the process of narrowing the jury pool when Roof’s lawyers suggested that their client either didn’t understand the charges against him or couldn’t properly help with his defense. The lawyers didn’t say what led them to question Roof’s fitness for trial.
    The decision came after Gergel wrapped up a hastily called two-day hearing to determine if Roof is mentally fit to stand trial, hearing testimony from psychologist James Ballenger and four other unnamed witnesses and reviewed sworn statements from three others.”
    “On Friday, the judge said he refrained from releasing a transcript of the hearing for the same reason, reversing an earlier pledge to release a redacted transcript. Victims’ relatives complained about the secrecy surrounding the proceedings, but Gergel maintains the steps he has taken are to ensure Roof receives a fair trial and that pre-trial exposure doesn’t provide grounds for an appeal.”
    That CNN headline the other day made it seem like he was found competent after a long process, and that it was surprising. Jury selection for the federal trial began back in September. The competency hearing wasn’t ordered until November 8th, and it was conducted on November 21st and 22nd. He was declared mentally fit on the 25th. Whether real or not, I bet in those transcripts he says that he thinks what he did was right. This is their opportunity to construct the image of the “Alt Right” “White Nationalist” demon in anyway they want. This will be the story of a monster, and it will be directly connected to the Alt Right.
    He apparently got beat up in prison in August by another inmate despite being under protective custody. His officers happened to not be around.

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