A rabbit hole too far?

moon-light-oscar-2017-1I’m going to say this is too far down the rabbit hole, but what if the Oscars mix-up was a psyop with symbolic meaning? Here are the dots I could connect, but then I really would have to put on a tin-foil  hat, so let’s just keep it in the realm of the theoretical and run through it just for a lark…
Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner for Miss Universe in 2015–the biggest screw-up in Miss Universe history, no doubt. That was weird. But to have the same gaffe repeated in short order–a gaffe that’s never happened before and is likewise described as the biggest screw-up in the ceremony’s history–smacks of the classic psyop tactic of floating a trial balloon to “pre-test” the reaction. (A couple of other examples of this method I’ve noticed may be the weird blond-wigged spy caught in Moscow shortly before Edward Snowden made his debut on the world stage (and ended up in Moscow), or when the Brexit pollster-fail foreshadowed the Hillary-Trump pollster-fail.) Another possibility is that it could be a copy-cat psyop based on a genuinely spontaneous event that made big waves the way the politicos on the left are trying to recreate a Tea Party phenomenon to serve their ends.
But here’s the creepy thing: Warren Beatty is a card-carrying member of the Council on Foreign Relations. While I know there are circles within circles of power, knowledge and influence in these elitist organizations, and Beatty is unlikely anywhere near the center circle, it can be assumed that the high cabal is more likely to get someone, if even after the fact, to take a fall for their “for-the-good-of-society” game-playing if that someone is one of their guys and has been for decades.
Finally, as with the current political cycle, the Oscars mix-up featured a racial element with the white retro-feeling movie La La Land being the fake winner, ultimately replaced by the vindicated real winner, Moonlight, about a black man growing up on the mean streets of Miami.
Then again maybe it was a prank–or maybe it was subversion by a white nationalist inside the Academy!!! Seriously though, even if it were a psyop (and I’m still leaning toward mishap but with just the slightest inkling of skepticism), what would be the point? Pure symbolism is the only thing I can think of. The symbolism may simply be wishful thinking on the part of rabid (albeit highly sophisticated) Democrats hoping to overthrow the “false” Trump victory, or perhaps it’s actually predictive programming of what would be portrayed as a counter-coup–a scary prospect no matter what you think of our latest man-with-a-seal.
Of course, Trumpsters got their chuckle too:
After Bashing Trump, Self-Absorbed Celebs Award Wrong Winner at Oscars
Hollywood gets yuge dose of bitter karma

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