August 2021 Newsletter

Deepest Dive of the Month: A Conversation with Generation Zed

(okay, so I look a little crazy, but seriously, the conversation will blow your mind)

Friday Featured Interviews

Every second and fourth Friday of the month, we interview a principled thought-leader or subject matter expert. Here are this month’s….

A Conversation with Tho Bishop: Libertarian Solutions within the System

Questioning Fundamental Assumptions with Legalman

Guest Appearances – Freedomfest Special Edition

A sampler of Pauls to the Wall…the Hidden Fran and I met em all at Freedomfest!!

Pauls to the Wall chat with Monica

Pauls to the Wall’s mom listens in horror as Monica lays down some Moon Landing Truth

Truther Talk: Monica meets Virstyne

Unfit Statesman

Okay, this wasn’t at Freedomfest, but you should still listen to it!
Union of the Unwanted: Cuba, Covid, Religious Exemptions & more


Reality Alert with Craig Huey (short but sweet):


Meet-Ups & Special Events!

Here’s a little photo sampling of the event…it was quite a time!

They say, “Never meet your heroes.” Wrong. Maj Toure passes that test & then some!
Thank Goodness I didn’t have to say anything–Dave Smith going toe to toe with Ben Franklin was way out of my league!
Live & in person! Etienne de la Boetie2!!!


To schedule a meet-up or invite Brad or Monica to one, start one here. If you are planning to go somewhere you think other Propaganda Report listeners would enjoy & you would like to connect with them, please let me know the details, I’ll shout it out and I’ll even send you a tee shirt to wear to the event so others know who you are! Just email me at For other attendees, buy a tee shirt here!


You know Proppers are gorgeous, but did you know they are also talented??? Introducing, from one of our own, a brand new Propaganda Report Newsletter exclusive feature....Qoodle Qorner!!!

Patron Posts

In addition to over 45 minutes of daily, commercial free Drivetime News Blasts, patrons get access to additional content. This month’s patron bonus content includes:

Zoom Party

Here‘s an excerpt of the Solutions-within-the-System Patron Saint Zoom Party…you would not believe who all showed up!

Second Friday Q&A

Fourth Friday Q&A

You must subscribe to patreon to access these posts…you may do so here:

Special Series: Garland’s Battle for Election Integrity

Update with Garland July 31, 2021

Update with Garland July 17, 2021

Update with Garland July 10, 2021

Watch this content ASAP – youtube is after it!

Blast From the Past

The Atlanta Bridge Collapse as it happened:  here.

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Brad Recommends: The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man, by David Maurer

Monica Recommends: The Case of the Midwife Toad, by Arthur Koestler

This Month’s Glossary Entry

An oldie but a goodie…

Cognitive Dissonance

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe


What To Watch Out For in the Month To Come

We will be speaking to Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter as well as posting to patreon such gems as “Ten Takeaways from the Unabomber” as well as some conversations with Debra Gets Red-Pilled, our old friend Moral Bob (with Charlie Robinson!), Just Add Liberty, the Hidden Gateway, and much, much more.

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