August 2022 Newsletter


After a little glitch in the system preventing me from uploading media into last month’s newsletter, we are back in action! I am in the process of upgrading and I’m going to make some changes to the site (and the newsletter!) going forward.

Brad will continue to post all his content, free and premium, as well as connect with listeners on and we will both continue to post all content, commercial free, on I am going to convert this site, however, to and use the Press Pool and membership features to connect with the community. The Press Pool (click on “Dive” in the menu above) will continue to be a place where we can post articles and comment on them for all to see, and the membership feature is a free way you can message me and each other directly.

I have made the decision not to put anything behind a paywall for as long as I can continue to cover my production expenses by ads alone. If you find value in what I am doing & would like to help me create more content, please contribute to my other expenses by making a one-time donation here and also please subscribe to and review my Deep Dives feed on itunes here–that feed is for the superfans who know the inside track–it’s commercial-free and includes regular bonus content…check it out on your favorite podcasting platform and see what you’ve been missing!

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Dive Master Interviews

Dive Masters are subject-matter experts or principled thought leaders…here are this month’s conversations with them…

Brian Festa Fighting the Good Fight

False Flag Round Table with the OD, the Original Divemaster, Ole Dammegård

Lightning Round with Teace Snyder

Jeremy Kuzmarov on Phoenix in Ukraine

Deep Dives Index


From Roe to Chicago Diversions Abound

From the British Government to Dutch Farmers, Activists Are Forcing Issues

Protests bring back mob rule old school!

Are food shortages a manufactured crisis? Are they a crisis at all?

Is DEI the second coming of ESG?

Buddy Dives

Buddy Dives are my conversations with other podcasters on their shows, my show or as a swapcast….

Union of the Unwanted #50: Anarchists v Statists

Union of the Unwanted #49: Planet X, Gun Control & EVERYTHING

Ricky Varandas / The Ripple Effect

Colby & Jeremiah / Conspiracy Playtime

Bill Griffin / A Different Take & Clint Powell / During the Break

Buck Johnson / Counterflow

Scott & William / History Homos…the CIA, the Vatican & Gladio

Bonus Shows Exclusively on Monica’s Deep Dives

Chewing the Fat with Fat Mitch: Ukraine, a Case Study in Corruption

Created Persons with Robbie the Fire 

And…courtesy of the lovely and talented Propper from Down Under we all know and love….

Community Creations!

Thank you Wild Bill & Ash for the tallow & the lotion! We’ve been keeping an eye on your fabulous creations–I’m so grateful to actually have a taste in real life!

Beautiful wildflowers from our Emerald Isle contingent…

And the lovely & colorful Queen Callie from whom life seems to spring up all around….

Blast From the Past

This is an unusual blast from the past, but what else would you call it?! Here is some home video of Iceland’s eruption courtesy of Mr. J., the cool and loyal listener who set me straight on how Iceland got a bad wrap from CBS news about their treatment of people who have Down syndrome…I can’t think of anything I like more than a respectful correction from a place of good will…many thanks 🙂 And thanks for the videos! That is FREAKY!!


This Month’s Book Recommendations

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, by William Engdahl
(courtesy of Dean who lent it to me long distance…very kind!)

In a rare foray into pulp fiction, I was stuck at my mom’s without a deep diver…I found this & it defo made the flight go by quickly…
Run Away, by Harlan Coben

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Spontaneous Combustion

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Barbados Rum Punch

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3 thoughts on “August 2022 Newsletter”

  1. Love how the TPR community feel is budding and growing with every newsletter. I love seeing the photos & art & artisanisms of what others are doing. Plus having all the latest TPR juice in one place is conveniently convenient.
    Nice work on the Deep Dives show, Monica. Loving the top n tail audio track. Just fits you perfectly. It has a classy, curiosity type of feel.

    So glad to hear your Mom has fully kicked the ‘whatever it was’ out of her existence ♥️?

    • Ha ha ha! Yes … when the 93 year with congestive heart failure can beat it, ya gotta wonder (but if you weren’t already wondering then you’re probably hopeless!!) I agree on the beauty of our contributions – including the qoodles!! I’ll be counting on you next month when I’m ready to relaunch the press pool & messaging stuff here – I know I can!!

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