Best #WTWOF of all time? Vulgarity Rising in the Public Arena

In February 2016 when Vicente Fox deliberately used vulgarity toward Trump on television, I knew we were watching the launch of a psyop–using vulgarity to lower the level of discourse and maybe even as a stepping stone to violence in the political realm. I’ve noted it’s rise many times since then, but today’s headline really brings that home:

Immigration Talks Muddled Amid Trump’s Vulgar Comments

Trump uses term ‘shithole’ to describe countries of some would-be immigrants, according to two people briefed on meeting
I gotta say, even as a vulgarian, I don’t think the Journal or other respectable news outlets should use vulgarity, even in direct quotes. I don’t let my kids get away with that ploy, and I’m not giving the Journal a pass. There’s a time and place for everything.
Also, they have the nerve to actually write in the headline that the story is TOTALLY UNSUBSTANTIATED! “two people” – anonymous – who were “briefed on meeting” – i.e. weren’t even there were the sources!!! COME ON!!!!!

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  1. If you hadn’t called the vulgarity thing, i would have never noticed. Makes one wonder what other social engineering schemes are working effectively right this very second

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