Body Armor in the Crosshairs

Another object of the various psyops that are unfolding these days is body armor. The three-pronged approach to gun control seems to be restricting actual firearm ownership without due process (pre-criminals labeled mentally ill, vets with psych issues, domestic terrorists, religious radicals, etc.), limiting ammunition access, and interfering with the ability for the citizenry to defend itself against attack with body armor. This last item is particularly disturbing because, like laws against encryption, it is the sign of a true pathocracy – a government doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Instead of helping you exercise your right to self-defense which is the only justification for government to exist much less to use the force of law against a citizen, the government is actually using force to prevent you from passively exercising your right to self-defense!
The article below is, in my opinion, contributing to what will eventually become loud calls for limitations on body armor–“If you’re not planning to commit a crime, why would you want body armor?” That will be the cry from the mocking academic-media-government continuum who ridicule the very notion that the government itself is the danger that must be prepared for and perhaps defended against. Henry County’s David Powell would have done well to don some body armor before investigating the noise on his property in the middle of the night made by a wrong-address police check that ended up killing him.
Police: Suspect in officer’s killing was wearing body armor

Investigators found clothing belonging to 41-year-old Markeith Loyd that suggests Master Sgt. Debra Clayton returned fire after she was shot, but that a bulletproof vest protected the suspect, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said.

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