Basket of Irrationals

“Basket of Deplorables.” It’s a pretty jejune insult yet it entered the lexicon as a mantra on both left and right–the left as the insult it was meant to be, and the right as a rallying cry (which it was also likely meant to be.) Although I’m not a MAGA gal nor a Republican nor … Read more

Newsom Effect

Sometimes I vote. I struggle with the moral quandary of effectively validating a corrupt system, but I also wish to register my protest to the liberal-fascist center, and I think locally sometimes it can matter. I usually vote libertarian & occasionally I vote against someone I have a real problem with for a particular reason. … Read more

Party Ethic

I’m not at liberty to recount this story in its entirety, but I felt the phrase belonged in our lexicon so here’s what I got. Someone I know and love tends to burn the candle at both ends. He is great at his job, but is also tons of fun – a bit too much … Read more

Salacious Haystacking

One definition of haystacking describes an assassination that is carried out through a mass-casualty event in order to mask the intended target (like maybe this plane crash.) I coined the term “salacious haystacking” for when a sex scandal erupts just in time to divert attention from genuine corruption, flooding the zone with lurid scandal instead … Read more