January 2023 Newsletter

Deep Developments As you know, Deep Dives with Monica Perez has been available commercial-free on your favorite podcasting platform since its inception, however, the time has come to start running commercials simply to breakeven on production and other podcasting expenses. It’s a privilege to have the option to put ads in the feed – monetization … Read more

December 2022 Newsletter

December Live Dives & Cocktail Parties! I try to do a Live Dive! every Wednesday at 11amPT/2pmET, if my guests can accommodate, but times do vary. You can always find the Live Dives on twitter and rumble and usually also YouTube, facebook & rokfin. Christmas Cocktails Conspiracy Party Live from the UK! Wednesday, December 21, … Read more

November 2022 Newsletter

Bonus Shows I will be traveling for two weeks over Thanksgiving and have some bonus shows to post: Chewing the Fat with Fat Mitch, a week of Buddy Dives and more! I promised I wouldn’t flood the zone on the Propaganda Report feed, but you can find all my content and only my content, commercial-free … Read more

October 2022 Newsletter

Commercial-Free Deep Dives All in One Place! For all my stuff & only my stuff–Deep Dives, Buddy Dives & Dive Master Interviews–commercial-free!–please listen here at monicasdeepdives.com or on your favorite podcasting platform. You can find them ALL on my linktree page. Deepest Dive of the Month: Live Dive with IAIN DAVIS Click Here for the … Read more

September 2022 Newsletter

News You might have noticed that this site has changed from thepropreport.com to monicasdeepdives.com. I hope you don’t mind! Given that I’m not contributing any premium content to the patreon feed and don’t share in any of the subscription revenue there nor use the community outreach features–that’s all Binkley now–I repurposed thepropreport.com to monicasdeepdives.com as … Read more

August 2022 Newsletter

News After a little glitch in the system preventing me from uploading media into last month’s newsletter, we are back in action! I am in the process of upgrading and I’m going to make some changes to the site (and the newsletter!) going forward. Brad will continue to post all his content, free and premium, … Read more

July 2022 Newsletter

Propaganda Report News In case you haven’t seen it, I launched Deep Dives with Monica Perez, a dedicated rss feed with all my material in it, and (for a limited time only) commercial free! I will continue to post Deep Dives and Buddy Dives to the Propaganda Report feed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at … Read more

June 2022 Newsletter

Propaganda Report News We are happy to report that Brad is back and is keeping the Drivetime News Blast going both in the free feed and on his premium feeds at patreon and locals. Also in the free feed, Monica is putting out Deep Dives, Buddy Dives (swapcasts with other podcasters and guest appearances on … Read more

May 2022 Newsletter

Big Changes to The Propaganda Report As most of you have already heard, the month of May brings big changes to The Propaganda Report. Increasing personal demands have made it impossible for Monica to do a full-length show in real time every day for the foreseeable future, therefore, she is cutting back on how much … Read more

April 2022 Newsletter

Deepest Dive of the Month Always a good idea to buckle up when taking a ride with Stephen Ignoramus…check out the video of our conversation here. Friday Featured Interviews We don’t always want to talk–sometimes we want to listen, so on most Fridays we interview principled thought-leaders and subject matter experts, and occasionally an exceptional … Read more