December 2021 Newsletter

Special Feature: PropReport Shareable Sampler!

Many thanks to Mr. A, long-time fan and contributor to the show for his unsolicited sampler of our show. He took ALL these clips from ONE SHOW! Man, we’re better than I thought!! So if you want to share something on Share the Show Tuesday, direct people to this: PropReport Shareable Sampler

Deepest Dive of the Month

Friday Featured Interviews

We don’t always want to talk–sometimes we want to listen, so on most Fridays we interview principled thought-leaders and subject matter experts, and occasionally an exceptional podcaster or political activist or all around world-betterer.

Here are this month’s….

You can watch our conversation with Nikki here, or you can listen to it here:

Guest Appearances

The Mind as a Prison ft. The Propaganda Report Ep. 193

Brad & Monica join Leggs & Buffalo Rambler on the False Reality Check podcast–you can watch that here.

The Voluntary Vixens hosted us for Just Say No to the Metaverse! which you can listen to here.

Meet-Ups & Special Events!

We had a great time in SoCal in November, including patronizing Griffins of Kinsale, our local Irish pub with a proprietor who stood strong from Day One of the LA lockdown. For his story, see the article WSJ wrote about him here.

Thanks to everyone who showed up! It was super fun!

I may be up for another go-round in NY in December or January…please let me know if you’re interested by commenting here.

And for all you Georgians, a passel of Proppers is going to be at Robbie Bernstein’s gig in Fayetteville on December 9…you can get tickets here.

To schedule a meet-up or invite Brad or Monica to one, start one here.

And…courtesy of the lovely and talented Propper from Down Under we all know and love….

Patron Posts

In addition to over 50 minutes of daily, commercial free Drivetime News Blasts, patrons get access to additional content. This month’s patron bonus content includes:

Zoom Party: Wealth Hacks, MetaMoney & Crypto, Part I

Here is the excerpt with all links and notes that came up during the conversation.

Official Cocktail of This Month’s DPP

Hotel Nacional Special

Extended Versions of Featured Interviews:

Pete Q XR here

Gen Zed XR here

You must subscribe to patreon to access these posts…you may do so here:

Rokfin Posts

Check out Brad & co on Union of the Unwanted here.

Check out our latest Rokfin video, Military Neuro Tech, Synthetic Telepathy, & A Journey Through The Metaverse here.

You can also catch full VIDEO versions of our extended featured interviews exclusively on Rokfin…this month it was Pete Q and Gen Zed.

You must subscribe to Rokfin (here) to watch these videos. If you do subscribe, we offer a special deal to then become a Patron Saint on Patreon. If you want to know more about this deal, please email us at If you don’t know about Rokfin, go ahead and register (land here to start that process) to sample the wealth of free content on there and if you love it, subscribe through one of our videos (click here) & you will get access to all Rokfin creator exclusive content–it’s an amazing deal & the last bastion of free speech–let’s keep it going!

Special Series: Garland’s Battle for Election Integrity

Watch this content ASAP – youtube is after it!

Community Creations!

I had no idea the natural loofah was a squash! Honestly, I thought it was a sponge that lived on the bottom of the ocean. Not kidding. Thank you to the Queen for sending me pictures of the loofah she GROWS and cures. What a woman. What. A. Woman! And of course Mama Bear–also a contender for Earth Mother of the Outlands–sent us some FABULOUS Halloween pictures! From gourdes to Guy–I want to trick-or-treat with these folks!! Thank you SO much for sharing! Keep em coming!! (Email pics you’d like to share to

Blast From the Past

If you’ve never read my favorite Thanksgiving post, now’s your chance!

Thankfulness Is in the Eye of the Beholder

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Monica recommends The Story of Philosophy, by Will Durant.

Dean recommended this doozy!! John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition, by David A. Wemhoff. Haven’t really dug in yet, but it’s replete with CIA tactics in action and so much more.

Brad recommends Engineering of Consent, by Edward Bernays, which you can find in The Edward Bernays Reader here or free online here.

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Precautionary Principle, Principle of Preemption

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Santa’s Whiskey Flip

What To Watch Out For in the Month To Come

We have a very special December planned for the Propaganda Report! We will catch up with some old friends like Michael Wann, Etienne de la Boetie2, History Homos, and the Mad Ones as well as make some new connections like with the Slow News Day, Abs ‘n a 6-pack, Micah Dank & his mind-blowing astrotheology, and even a major swapcast with our favorite hempsters!!! Get ready for an avalanche of great material during our White-pilled Christmas!!

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