Ep. 104 – How To Talk To Rabid Trump Haters

How to talk to rabid Trump haters, the 10 Commandments of Propaganda, and you’ll never guess how long James Clapper has had national security clearance. Plus, we deconstruct the propaganda of CNN’s media analysis show, Reliable Sources.
FALSEHOOD IN WAR-TIME by Arthur Ponsonby MP 1929
Ep. 97 – Is The Russian Collusion Saga A Chatham House (UK) Psyop?
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1 thought on “Ep. 104 – How To Talk To Rabid Trump Haters”

  1. “Television, to put it simply, does not call one’s attention to ideas, which are abstract, distant, complex, and sequential, but to personalities, which are concrete, vivid, and holistic. What this means is that the symbolic form of political information has been radically changed. In the television age, political judgement is transformed from an intellectual assessment of propositions to an intuitive and emotional response to the totality of an image. In the television age, people do not so much agree or disagree with politicians as like or dislike them.” ~ Neil Postman

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