Ep. 153 – Digital Communist Takeover

Ep. 153 – Digital Communist Takeover

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5 thoughts on “Ep. 153 – Digital Communist Takeover”

  1. The Hague is a town in the Netherlands. It is where the international court of justice is seated. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and one of the seats of the EU (Strassbourg the other).
    From someone who lived in The Hague.
    Love the show. Good catch that fake news warnings precede wars. These social waves seem unstoppable. All empires collapse, because they are not durable because of the inherent coercion. I don’t think any publication/podcast/speech/book can change it.
    I don’t buy the radiation danger of 5G though. It’s dangerous perhaps because of the control of propaganda and eavesdropping. But the EM radiation? The customer side is battery operated so it is not more than 1 Watt of power. That is reciprocial, so the base station power is not much different. The frequency bands used for 5G (initially) are 3.5GHz. That is already in between currently used wifi bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Nothing special about this frequency.

  2. When the US government is accusing China (or anyone) of ill-intent or wicked deeds, they are projecting their own crimes onto their victims. If they said China was building an arsenal of Klingon weapons, I’d bet the house that the US was well ahead of them in stockpiling disruptors.

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