Ep. 71 – Las Vegas Shooting – There's Something Strange Going On (Podcast)

* Correction – There is a leaked photo of the body from the crime scene. It’s unrecognizable. How long does it take to identify a body in such circumstances?
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While the truth about the mass shooting in Las Vegas remains unclear, there is one thing we know for sure. Regardless of how horrifying a story might be, the media will always put their political agenda above reporting the truth. On today’s show; The 4 agenda items that this latest tragedy will be exploited to serve. The left attempts to shame gun advocates. Stephen Paddock’s father was a con man and master of disguise who escaped from prison, moved to Oregon, changed his appearance, took on a fake name and lived a very social life for nearly a decade without the authorities noticing. Did the son take after the father? Indivisible disseminates dangerous propaganda to their followers. Look out for snipers in helicopters at the next concert you go to. And Hillary Clinton shows up to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallen to get her ass kissed by Miley Cyrus.
The Killer’s Con Man Father
Stephen Paddock’s Brother, First Interview
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozxXM86uX64]
Stephen Paddock’s Brother, Second Interview
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPZFN6VFFow]
Woman says she was warned about Las Vegas 45 minutes before shooting started. 
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex3M-0zWiXc]
Hillary Getting Her Ass Kissed By Miley Cyrus 
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH5n2LxBgGs]
Podcast about Michael Chertoff

Contrary Law of Democracy
Atlant Considering SWAT Snipers In Helicopters & Drones
Report from Iron Mountain
The Organizational Weapon – A Study of Bolshevik Strategy & Tactics (RAND Series)
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14 thoughts on “Ep. 71 – Las Vegas Shooting – There's Something Strange Going On (Podcast)”

  1. Good point about the selective censorship on YouTube. So many channels demonetised and others completely dropped yet Brother Nathaniel is still there calling out Israel and Judaists! He’s saying much of what we know about the agendas, false-flags, hoaxes, perpetual wars of the TPTB but whereas most of us aren’t certain who’s really behind the curtain, Bro Nat makes no bones about his opinion and he backs it up with strong evidence.

    • One of Youtube’s claims is that they demonetize videos that talk about the subject of terrorist acts, like the one in Vegas. If that were truly their policy then I wouldn’t be seeing so many ads on Jimmy Kimmel’s, Stephen Colbert’s, and Trevor Noah’s videos where they talk about the shooting and then call for gun legislation.

  2. Statement Analysis ™ holds that unnecessary information signals deception. Same with “story telling.” Since reading up on SA, I’ve started noticing these a lot in witness statements.
    Did you see Scott Creighton’s analysis of the Sheriff’s press briefing where it seemed that his statements were being made under duress? Although Scott takes 50 minutes to say what Monica could put into 15 minutes, it’s well worth listening to (or finding the written version.)

    • Great point on the unnecessary information. There are a couple of great body language and interrogation books that talk about that as well. I want to research statement analysis now! I’ll check out that video.

  3. And finally, for the moment at least, there was a video making the rounds on Twitter from a man checking bodies for signs of life and calling for a medic when required. He seemed to have trouble finding wounds on some of the injured but he also found plenty of real-looking deceased. When the lights suddenly went off, he argued with security to get them back on as the shooting was long over and people were in need of urgent medical care.
    Two points about this. Though proper gory, it was widely available – suspicious! And the fact that the lights were turned on after the shooting started nicely illuminating the target then shutoff when the threat was realistically over.

  4. First I have to let you know that I cant get enough of your show, as soon as I heard about the Las Vegas shooter three things came to mind.
    First: The left is going to use this to attack our 2nd amendment
    Second: This guy did not act alone
    Third: Who hired him?

    • Thank you! And great thoughts. I agree with you about this not being a lone gunman act. I’m not convinced that this Stephen Paddock guy did it yet. He may have, but the story keeps changing, and no one actually saw him pulling the trigger. There’s also a leaked photo of the body that police claim is real. It’s gruesome, and the body is unrecognizable. I’ve been searching for how they officially identified the body, but I haven’t found anything yet. When the body is unrecognizable, that someone checked into a hotel using his name is not enough evidence for a proper identification. Where’s the footage of him entering the hotel? How did they misidentify the day he checked in? Nothing about the story they’re telling makes sense.

  5. Wow, there’s some great commentary here. For some reason I have trouble navigating this site on my phone compared to YouTube. Will have a video response to episode 71 today or tomorrow. Someone else should make a Remote Viewing target, or two, of Mandalay *HINT HINT*

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