Feds Continue to Assert Authority Over Police

One by one the Black v Blue Crisis is being used to upsource policing to the feds in contravention of the Tenth Amendment. As per my recent post on Baltimore, this time it’s hitting Chicago and, in my opinion, it won’t stop until every state has the same rules just like it was for drinking ages, abortion, regulation of marriage, etc.
Justice Department Finds Chicago Police Use Excessive Force in Violation of Constitution
City officials have agreed to negotiate a consent decree aimed at reform

CHICAGO—Justice Department officials announced Friday that they found the Chicago Police Department engages in an unconstitutional use of excessive force, including deadly force, following a 13-month investigation.
The probe was launched in December 2015, in the wake of the release of a video in which a police officer killed Laquan McDonald , firing 16 shots as the 17-year-old African-American veered away from the officer.
The Justice Department found that the pattern of “unconstitutional force” came as a result of deficiencies within the police department and city government, including inadequate training, said Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, in a news conference in Chicago Friday morning.
“We found that Chicago’s accountability system is broken,” she said, adding that officers were too infrequently held responsible for excessive use of force.
The city and the Justice Department have agreed in principle to negotiate a consent decree with a court-appointed monitor who will oversee the process of reform, officials said.
The Obama administration has repeatedly used investigations like the one in Chicago, known as a patterns and practices investigation, to enforce change in law enforcement agencies. It has opened 25 such investigations since the start of the administration and has issued 15 consent decrees, including in Ferguson, Mo., and this week in Baltimore….
The Justice Department investigation into Chicago has been the largest conducted in the agency’s history. After reviewing hundreds of cases and thousands of documents, the Justice Department found that officers routinely engaged in a number of faulty practices, including engaging in unnecessary foot pursuits that often led to shootings of suspects, shooting indiscriminately at vehicles and using police vehicles in an unsafe manner.

The article expresses skepticism as to whether the Trump administration will continue this method, but I am sadly confident that whatever path they choose, power over policing will continue to rise to the top.

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