Google Bomb

When an event takes place that drowns out any ability to search for a similar, previous event. I noticed this phenomenon long before I heard this expression. Here is my example.

There was a cop in Paradise, California, who engaged people coming out of a bar in a car chase. When the chase ended in a crash, the female passenger of the car was thrown and killed instantly. As the car lay on its side, the driver attempted to emerge and was shot by the cop and fell back into the car. Officers arriving on the scene refused to believe the driver that he had been shot. The driver, Anthony Thomas, was taken to the hospital and was determined not only to have been shot but to have been paralyzed by the shot. The officer was not charged. Some time later when Mr. Thomas died of his injuries, the cop was charged with manslaughter.

I used to refer to this story regularly for various reasons and directed people to look it up. Now, if you google anything with Paradise California in it, you only get mega-coverage of a (very sus) fire.

Watch this video and tell me if that’s anything but murder.

§ 187. “ Murder” defined, CA PENAL § 187 (a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought.

What is malice aforethought in California?

[T]here are two types of malice aforethought: express malice and implied malice. Express malice is when the defendant had the specific intent to kill the victim. Implied malice is when the defendant demonstrates a conscious disregard for human life, called a “depraved indifference.”

This can even be implied:

Implied malice is a mental state and form of malice aforethought. Malice aforethought is required for a person to be found liable for the crime of murder in California. Even if a killing is unintentional, malice aforethought for murder may be implied where the accused consciously disregards a risk to human life.

Appeals court affirms ex-Paradise police officer Patrick Feaster’s manslaughter conviction in 2015 shooting

But look at this crazy (and extremely underreported) story I found when I searched specifically for a killer cop in Paradise California with the name “Thomas” in it:

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  1. It was obviously murder, and that is why you were the only one talking about it; it does not fit into their black lives matter versus blue lives matter narrative, but nor does the one at the capitol. I wonder why the difference.

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