Highlight Reel: Clint & Monica Catch Up

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1 thought on “Highlight Reel: Clint & Monica Catch Up”

  1. One thing these back – the – blue republicans cannot seem to comprehend is that the FBI is not a federal, law – enforcement agency; it is a security service, and like all security services – it has one purpose. Its goon squads, and death squads protect the government of the day from any – and all threats; who can forget the fact that J. Edgar Hoover called Robert Kennedy to gloat after the assassination President Kennedy, and that they were going after the Klan at the same time they were going after the blacks. One cannot dismiss the rank, and file as merely following the orders of presidential appointees; they are highly – intelligent people who know, or should know that they are working for the establishment. They need to be dispensed with alongside the state…

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