Jason Purcell Part 3: From Bretton Woods to Today


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– Jason is part owner of a new financial news site – The Lake Street Review – I don’t write much there but here are some links from when I did

– Nigeria’s CBDC https://www.thelakestreetreview.com/post/financial-inclusion-isn-t-so-inclusive-in-nigeria

– SVB Failure Breakdown https://www.thelakestreetreview.com/post/was-svb-a-bad-bank-here-s-why-it-failed-you-decide

– Financial Crisis Brewing in Korea https://www.thelakestreetreview.com/post/korea-is-growing-closer-to-a-financial-crisis


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  1. If South Africa backed the Rand with its gold, it would be doing the world a favor; however, they do not do it because B.R.I.C.S. does not want to put an end to inflation. It want to put an end to the Dollar’s monopoly on it

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