Josh Stylman: Exec Producer of ANECDOTALS Shares His Own Story


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READ CHAPTER 18: Acknowledging Loss…I forgot to read this on the air–to my regret!¬†

4 thoughts on “Josh Stylman: Exec Producer of ANECDOTALS Shares His Own Story”

  1. My neighbors have roosters. They crow and everything is all right. These animals talk back when I tell errr ah err er.
    Also met a woman at bank where I worked in 80s. Had a tattoo on her arm claim from coscentration camp Germany. Looked just like my northern European grandmother. She saw a Mercedes go down the street and said she would never own one of Hitler’s cars. I believe her.

    • When I was growing up, my father used to pick up a guy who just walked the streets night and day. We also had him over for Thanksgiving and other occasions. His name was Abe Gottesman (which will remind you to treat him with love!) He lived in a publicly funded old folks home near us. He and his family were put in a concentration camp in Germany when he was 15. The day they got there, he was separated to where young men worked and he never saw the rest of his family (his mother, father and sister) again. He had numbers tattooed on his arm from the camp. I don’t recall him ever giving us any other details on the camp. He came to New York to see his only living relative–an uncle. The man wouldn’t even open the door when Abe knocked on it. He had said his father was a terrible man so I assume this was the father’s brother. After that, he went on the dole here and never worked another day in his life. I never met anyone so pathetic or miserable.

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