July 2022 Newsletter

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In case you haven’t seen it, I launched Deep Dives with Monica Perez, a dedicated rss feed with all my material in it, and (for a limited time only) commercial free! I will continue to post Deep Dives and Buddy Dives to the Propaganda Report feed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5amET, sharing the feed with Brad, but I will also post all these shows and some bonus shows to the new feed, both to make sure Brad and I don’t step on each other in the shared feed, but also to make sure that patrons who are getting all of Brad’s material in the patreon feed don’t need to sift through DNBs they’ve already heard. I’m hoping this makes things simpler, not more complicated!

This month’s bonus show on Deep Dives with Monica Perez is Chewing the Fat with Fat Mitch, where Mitch lays out some shocking and gruesome detail on how exactly the US executed the Ukrainian coup in 2014. You can listen to that here. If you like it, please leave a review, and if you’d like to support this new material, please donate here.

Deepest Dives of the Month

Monica makes her first appearance w/ Tommy on Year Zero of the Libertarian Institute where they discuss Evil, Morality & the 21st Century
AND her first appearance w/ Buck on the Counterflow Podcast…they are both must-listens!

Interviews & Divemasters

Monica & Maddie “the Mad Vixen” Discuss Jordan Peterson’s Rules  for Life Numbers 3 & 4

Brad interviews Ted Metz, Libertarian Candidate for Secretary of State of Georgia

Monica Talks Ammo to Appleseeds with Grant the Survivalist

Common Ground: Monica Speaks to Covert Action’s Managing Editor, Jeremy Kuzmarov about the Depths of US Foreign Policy

Swapcasts, Buddy Dives & Guest Appearances

Monica on Tower Power Hour Debunking Dinosaurs–it gets a little crazy!

Brad on the Mad Ones…

The Ripple Effect Podcast #413 (Monica Perez | A Deep Dive Into Everything)

Conservative Double Header: Monica talks to Bill Griffin of A Different Take & Clint Powell of During the Break

Monica has cocktails & convo with Forest Mommy–next time we’ll invite you!!

Introducing Colby & Jeremiah of Conspiracy Playtime! Monica offers up her media origin story (again!) and her take on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Union of the Unwanted Double Header! First, a grab bag of everything from gun control legislation to Planet X and Statists v Anarchists hash out the state of the world.

*I racked up these interviews so I could put extra shows into Deep Dives with Monica Perez during the week I’m visiting my mom this month so you can check out that feed here and see what you’ve been missing.

Meet-Ups & Special Events!

Monica will be speaking at the LA County Libertarian Convention on Sunday, July 24…this will be an intimate affair so if you can join us, I’d love to see you! It’s in Burbank…the information can be found here.

We love our meet-ups and will attend them whenever we can, and we’re not the only ones with that idea! Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats has set up a great meet-up platform and has invited us and our listeners as well as other like-minded podcasters and their audiences to join forces and attend any and all meet-ups in their areas. We’re all about community & Greg is too–it’s so important and is one of our greatest hopes, so we will try to keep listeners informed on the show, likely on #ShareTheShowTuesday so folks can share with friends who are near the next events.

If you want to check out THC’s upcoming meet-ups, go here.

No Agenda has similar meet-ups–too many to list! But you can check out their spots here.

If you want to invite Brad or Monica to a meet-up, email them at thepropagandareportpodcast@gmail.com. If you are going to be somewhere awesome like a festival or a farmers’ market, email us with some warning and we will shout-out your event and even send you a Propaganda Report tee shirt so you can be a beacon of liberty for all to see & say hi to!!

And…courtesy of the lovely and talented Propper from Down Under we all know and love….

[qoodles to come…having technical difficulties…they are worth the wait!]


Brad and I put all of our content commercial free on www.rokfin.com/propagandareport.

Community Creations!

[photos to come…technical difficulties!] HUGE THANK YOU to Wild Bill & Ash for the tallow & tallow lotion…it’s so wonderful! I used the tallow for Taco Tuesday compliments of Chef Matt at www.granitestatespiceblends.com.

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia, by Paul Williams

The Money Changers: How the Vatican Bank Enabled Roberto Calvi to Steal 250 Million Dollars for the Heads of the P2 Masonic Lodge, by Charles Raw

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Heirloom Wisdom

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe

Mary Pickford

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