June 2021 Newsletter

Deepest Dive of the Month

Monica enjoyed a couchstream with the tireless libertarian activist Joshua Smith at Break the Cycle…watch it here:

Friday Featured Interviews

Every second and fourth Friday of the month, we interview a principled thought-leader or subject matter expert. Here are this month’s….

Synchromysticism with Michael Wann

Massimo Mazzucco on the Scope & Limits of the Powers That Be

This Month’s Bonus Shows

Jill the Homeschooler Instructs & Inspires

Union of the Unwanted: Near Death Experiences

Binkley Joins the Mad Ones

Monica tries to follow Binkley’s act on the Mad Ones

Monica on Free Man Beyond the Wall

Monica on History Homos: Why did the Enlightenment happen?

Brad & Monica join Charlie Robinson on the Legit Bat podcast

Truth or Theory Episode #84 Birthday Special (Monica makes a cameo 🙂 )

Zoom Party

We had a zoom party in May for Patron Saints where we discussed our experiences in trying to live an independently healthy lifestyle. We only just scratched the surface & will be revisiting this topic again and again. An excerpt of this party is forthcoming.

Meet-Ups & Special Events!

Monica Attends Her First Chillderburg!!! And it was a BLAST!

To find or schedule a meet-up or invite Brad or Monica to one, check out our meet-up forum here.

Monica will be hosting a stage at FreedomFest July 21-24 in South Dakota!

Patron Exclusive Posts

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Second Friday Patron-Only Q&A

Fourth Friday Patron-Only Q&A

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Rokfin Exclusive Posts

The CFR Lays Out Plan To Control Local News From The Top

Coercing The Hesitant w/Vaccine Strike Forces, Behavioral Interventions, & Social Inoculation

You must subscribe to Rokfin to watch these videos, although we and many others have a practically endless stream of free content on Rokfin. You must register to access the free content but you do not have to pay. If you do want to subscribe for access to the exclusive premium content, we offer a special deal to then become a Patron Saint on Patreon. If you are a Patron Saint, you can join Rokfin for just $1 extra! If you want to know more about these deals, please email us at thepropagandareportpodcast@gmail.com.

Special Series: Garland’s Battle for Election Integrity

Garland, Michael & Cat at Neighbors

Watch this content ASAP – youtube is after it!

Update with Garland May 29, 2021

Update with Garland May 22, 2021

Update with Garland May 8, 2021

Update with Garland May 1, 2021

Blast From the Past

The Propaganda Report’s groundbreaking work on the Marxist roots of BLM can be found here.

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Brad recommends:

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, by Robert Becker & Gary Selden

Monica recommends:

Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness, by Jim Keith

This Month’s Glossary Entry


This Month’s Cocktail Recipe


What To Watch Out For in June

In June, Brad and Monica are planning conversations with some old friends, new friends & heroes, including: Alt Media United, Rachel Kennerly, Shane Hazel, Truthzilla, Stephen Ignoramus, Matt Landman, Reptile Dysfunction, & Debra Gets Red-Pilled.

And in July, Monica is planning to host a stage at FreedomFest… Hope to see you there!

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In Memory of Cheryl Binkley
She was deeply loved and will be truly missed.

7 thoughts on “June 2021 Newsletter”

  1. Hi Monica,

    You did a great job on the June newsletter. I must say that you do a wonderful job with all of the details and variety of content that you put in the newsletters. You obviously put a lot of hard work and time in to make such a great publication.
    Great Job! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. Yes great job Monica on the newsletter – it’s a really excellent addition to the content.

    And, most importantly, my condolences to Brad on your loss – my thoughts are with you buddy

  3. Love the newsletter— thanks to y’all for this extra fun content.

    Our hearts go out to Brad & we hope he has the support he needs.

    I’m amazed someone has read The Body Electric! I read (most of it) ages ago bc I had a class in HS called ‘Science Topics’ where we got to choose a topic to study all semester and learn about the process of science from theory to application. Anyway, we chose electromagnetic radiation- hence my young interest in all things emr related.

    Peace ✌? and ❤️

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