Keep Your Googly Eyes on Eric Schmidt ?

After Hillary vanished into thin air, I put my expectations for Google’s Eric Schmidt in the “What do I do with this now?” file, but when I happened upon a recent video talking about Trump’s meeting with tech giants, including Schmidt, I refiled my views on Schmidt under “same stuff, different day,” and put my article on the subject back under “What to Watch Out For” (#WTWOF)…
Here it is again in case you missed it the first time….

The Censorship Agenda: What To Watch Out For

November 6, 2016
In preparing for The Propaganda Report, I go through my newspapers since the last episode and see what I highlighted. This week, I saw an article I had flagged about Alphabet Inc. Chairman Eric Schmidt. It seemed an innocuous enough article, though it did make the Googlaire seem both altruistic, citing his work with Timshel (more on that later), and ethical–according to “leaked emails” he recommended a competitor over his own company for a project. (Funny how the “leaked emails” can reveal how above-board and well-meaning some people are!)
Here are a few excerpts from the article:
Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt Gave Advice to Clinton Campaign, Leaked Emails Show
The executive backed a startup that helped develop some of the technology behind Mrs. Clinton’s website

Mr. Schmidt in April 2014 backed a startup dubbed Timshel that helped develop some of the technology behind Mrs. Clinton’s campaign website, including functions to sign up supporters and accept donations, according to the emails….
A Timshel spokeswoman said in an email that it develops technology “to help nonprofits, foundations, social entrepreneurs and social-impact organizations build and activate communities.”…
Mr. Schmidt suggested using Amazon Web Services as a cloud provider. Inc.’s cloud service is the chief rival of Google’s cloud product.

I flagged the article because I recalled having investigated Schmidt’s Deep State ties in the past. In reviewing my old research on him, I saw that he was a member of the Trilateral Commission (as was Jeffrey Epstein, the main character in this week’s episode of the Propaganda Report), and a Bilderberger, like Vernon Jordan, the subject of an article I posted this week on Jordan’s positively Orwellian pleading for Big Tech to save us from “unfiltered information.” The weird thing is that when I went online to read the full Eric Schmidt article (often the online articles are longer than what makes the print editions), it included a picture that unexpectedly related to my post on Jordan and made me think the Big Tech savior isn’t some twinkle in Jordan’s eye, but is someone who’s already teed up to do the job.
Here is the picture that had unbeknownst-to-me accompanied the Schmidt article:

Eric Schmidt with Vernon Jordan at the first presidential debate in September 2016.

On Timshel…

From timshel’s homepage:
timshel: we build tech for human progress
Whether you’re educating a child, winning an election, or inspiring a community to right a wrong, you need a platform that scales to your ambition. Reach people, serve your communities, grow relationships with supporters, and drive your mission.
This organization is clearly Deep State, working hand in hand with the UN on highly politicized agenda items, immersing issues like poverty and refugee status with identity rather than need–or cause. For example, two of the missions featured prominently on their site are “Proud2Share, working to end LGBTQ poverty,” and USA for UNHCR to address “the LGBTQ refugee crisis.”
Not only are all refugees and all in poverty in need of our compassion and help, but it is a sick fraud for the UN to present itself as trying to address these problems while causing them through economic, financial and military interventions around the world, and by legitimizing–even promoting–oppressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, which was recently reelected to the UN’s human rights council.
From Libya to Syria to Egypt and beyond, the IMF, the World Bank, the Security Council and many of the UN’s other institutions interfere with and disrupt sovereign nations for political purposes, creating problems they then call upon our communities to solve (which is also to abet) at grave expense.

Someone else to keep your eye on…

In reviewing my past research on Eric Schmidt, I noticed another name that I think will be an important part of the Censorship Agenda and the Big Tech-Government Partnership to control our information going forward: Jared Cohen. Jared was a member of Condi Rice’s State Department team whom she described as follows:

When [Stephen Krasner] came to the State Department, Steve brought together a terrific staff of ‘young guns’ to push new ideas. One of his most inspired appointments came in 2006, when he hired the twenty-something Jared Cohen, who’d been a student at Stanford and had taken a four-month sojourn on his own in Iran. He would use his position at Policy Planning to begin to integrate social media into our diplomatic tool kit. That would pay off handsomely some years later, when Twitter and Facebook became accelerants of democratic change in the Middle East.

Jared and his “accelerants” (isn’t that an arson term?) for regime change were the only holdovers from Condi’s State Department to Hillary’s. He went on to run Google Ideas, completing the circuit that so many in Silicon Valley, media and government do of crossing back and forth between the public and private sectors, envisioning-then-implementing the Big State Agenda. He is also an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (of course) and a Rhodes Scholar.
I just discovered the video below (simply by googling “rhodes deep state!”) The video shows how Jigsaw (fka Google Ideas) can be used to implement Vernon Jordan’s Big Tech information filtering as well as regime change abroad.

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