Look at Russia! (or anywhere else-but definitely not at North Korea or Yemen)

airstrikes-in-YemenThe noise surrounding North Korea is getting louder every day. I know we’ve heard noise from that sector in the past, but it’s definitely ramping up. I noticed it several months ago (December 1, 2016, #WTWOF North Korean Missile Crisis?) and again a few days ago (March 3, 2017: Is “Well-Outside the Mainstream” Newspeak for OUT OF HER FREAKIN’ MIND???) and today we hear of North Korea shooting off unimpressive scud missiles into the sea just to show they could (which we already knew).
I’ve been thinking perhaps all the noise about Russia, which borders on the ridiculous no matter whose side of the aisle you find yourself, could just be a way to get all eyes on the wrong ball–maybe it’s North Korea where we’ll get into a shooting war (or maybe it’s China we’re after by making its satellite North Korea a hot spot – h/t to CF for that scary observation!)
The murder of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam is also playing a role in the escalation around and isolation of North Korea with Malaysia the main vehicle. Malaysia, which has been a target of several highly manipulated stories (the crashes of MH370 and MH17) as well as a highly publicized (primarily by The Wall Street Journal) “investigation” against its prime minister (Is a Coup Underway in Malaysia?), may well want to make friends with the West so the powers-that-be pull back on the full court press.
And then there’s Yemen. It’s pretty simple. We are not bombing Yemen to get rid of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Before, during and after 9/11, in which Saudi Arabia and Yemen played the greatest parts according to our own evidence (see NOVA’s The Spy Factory), the government of Yemen were our allies and remained on good terms with us despite harboring and likely fostering Al Qaeda (not unlike our continued good relations with Saudi Arabia despite their relentless funding of radical Islamic terror). It wasn’t until that government was run out of the country that we and our good friends the Saudis decided to step in. The reality is, Yemen is important to Saudi Arabia for it’s geography, especially its red sea ports, and we are bombing Yemen to get the country back for the Saudis who don’t seem to be able to conquer it themselves. This is totally unjustifiable and it’s a lie and a sin to say we’re bombing that country for any other reason, but that is what our “defenders of democracy” in the mainstream media have been doing all day.
For some deep backstory on Yemen, check out this now-cached and nearly impossible to find (it was for me anyway!) article I recalled reading a long time ago about how Yemen was the first or one of the first experiments the US government entertained in the “failed state.” Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, the US government couldn’t afford to let a state come close to failure because it would likely fall under the sway of the USSR. Once the USSR fell, the US could let countries go. It would cost the US nothing and there would be no risk of a competitor gaining an advantage. It’s really more of a study than an article. Here you go:
Yemen and Stability in the Middle East: Confronting the Threat from Within
Stephen Pelletiere
May 22, 1996
If you have noticed that yahoo and google are instituting the “memory hole” and no longer allowing searches older than a year (even advanced search no longer has a date-range option-why not?), try fagan finder-for as long as it lasts….

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