May 2022 Newsletter

Big Changes to The Propaganda Report

As most of you have already heard, the month of May brings big changes to The Propaganda Report. Increasing personal demands have made it impossible for Monica to do a full-length show in real time every day for the foreseeable future, therefore, she is cutting back on how much content she creates. Monica will be spinning off The Deepest Dive of the Day, which she will post in The Propaganda Report feed on your favorite podcasting platform as a “mini-pod” by 5am most weekdays, and Binkley will continue to analyze the news of the day on the Drivetime News Blast and the DNB XR most weekday afternoons. Monica will also contribute interviews to the free feed as often as possible, and Binkley will continue with premium content both at and

Rokfin subscribers will be happy to know that Brad & Monica will continue with Deep Dives Live! on, and will both contribute all Propaganda Report content to that platform, where you will not only get all their material, but also get all the exclusive content from the hundreds of other contributors to rokfin, so we hope to see you there!

Deepest Dive of the Month

The deepest dive of the month is behind a paywalll! Sorry but, apparently, TradCatKnight is not safe for…anyone??? He’s been pretty much deplatformed by everyone, so if you want to support him, I’m sure he’d be grateful & could start this month to access my chat with him. Is Papa Frank really the Pope? If not, is anyone? And what should we do in these seemingly apocalyptic times? It’s was quite a convo & it can be found here.

Featured Interviews

We don’t always want to talk–sometimes we want to listen, so we interview principled thought-leaders and subject matter experts, and occasionally an exceptional podcaster or political activist or all around world-betterer.

Here are this month’s Featured Interviews….

Monica & Maddie the Vixen begin our series on Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. We cover chapters (1) “Stand up straight with your shoulders back,” and (2) “Treat yourself like you are someone you are responsible for helping.” You can listen to it here.

Brad & Monica speak with creator of, James Patrick. It was fascinating. You can listen to it here.

Guest Appearances

Pete Q is always intense! Listen to our conversation here.

Meet-Ups & Special Events!

Monica attended THREE meet-ups in April! One in Massachusetts–a first–and it was super fun! (Who has the picture????) We also had a great meet-up back in Rockland County, NY, and met up with Jackie from the ATL out at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks…also a blast!

If you want to invite Brad or Monica to a meet-up, email them at If you are going to be somewhere awesome like a festival or a farmers’ market, email us with some warning and we will shout-out your event and even send you a Propaganda Report tee shirt so you can be a beacon of liberty for all to see & say hi to!!

To schedule a meet-up or invite Brad or Monica to one, start one here.

We love our meet-ups and will attend them whenever we can, and we’re not the only ones with that idea! Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats has set up a great meet-up platform and has invited us and our listeners as well as other like-minded podcasters and their audiences to join forces and attend any and all meet-ups in their areas. We’re all about community & Greg is too–it’s so important and is one of our greatest hopes, so we will try to keep listeners informed on the show, likely on #ShareTheShowTuesday so folks can share with friends who are near the next events.

If you want to check out THC’s upcoming meet-ups, go here. No Agenda has similar meet-ups–you can check out their spots here.

And…courtesy of the lovely and talented Propper from Down Under we all know and love….

Rokfin Posts

Rokfin subscribers get access to all our commercial-free DNB XR and the DNB XR Live! on Video! every Thursday, all eXtended Release Interviews as well as the Rokfin-exclusive Propaganda Report Deep Dives AND access to the exclusive content of all the other Rokfin creators….It’s a lot of bang for the buck!

Check out our latest Deep Dive here.

You must subscribe to Rokfin (here) to watch these videos. If you do subscribe, we offer a special deal to then become a Patron Saint on Patreon. If you want to know more about this deal, please email us at If you don’t know about Rokfin, go ahead and register (land here to start that process) to sample the wealth of free content on there and if you love it, subscribe through one of our videos (click here) & you will get access to all Rokfin creator exclusive content–it’s an amazing deal & the last bastion of free speech–let’s keep it going!

Community Creations!

Compliments of Wild Bill… purple potatoes are the bomb!

And thanks to Lanni’s Greener Postures Fermentation Workshop, I’m making sauerkraut & pickled haricot verts*! (I know, I know–her point isn’t exactly to make *better Bloody Marys, but she is meeting me where I am!)

Oh, and it may be the narcissist in me, but nothing tickles my fancy more than a custom-made meme! This was inspired by my revelation that I’ve eaten guinea pig–many times! In case you don’t get the reference, check out this hilarious video of Antoine Dodson.

Blast From the Past

Pete Q reminded me of my occasionally prophetic abilities by flashing back to our conversation of February 2020…it is pretty amazing…you can find it here.

This Month’s Book Recommendations

Monica recommends Rosewater, by Tade Thompson…for the scifi aficionado looking for something new.

LD from Grand Theft World recommends Sean Stone’s New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism.

This Month’s Glossary Entry

Condition White
UNAWARE AND UNPREPARED. This is a condition you should try to avoid, as it means you will probably lose a fight. The only time that you’re in condition white is when you’re asleep. And even then, you wouldn’t consider yourself unprepared; you’re just unaware. If attacked in Condition White, the only thing that may save you is the inadequacy or ineptitude of your attacker. When confronted by something nasty, your reaction will probably be “Oh my God! This can’t be happening to me.” (For more on this subject see Cooper’s Color Code Definition.)

This Month’s Cocktail Recipe (in honor of Jazzfest!)


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