Meet the New Valerie Jarrett

scaramucci_romney_spacey_bush_twitter_328.jpegIn Davos, Anthony Scaramucci Translates Trump Message to Global Elite
Financier-turned-Trump adviser seeks to soothe nerves about the president-elect at the World Economic Forum; ‘one of the last great hopes for globalism’

“This is my 10th year here, but my first year here with a food taster,” Mr. Scaramucci quipped at the beginning of a conference session Tuesday afternoon nominally on the “Outlook for the United States” but really about President-elect Trump—and a little bit about Anthony Scaramucci….
Mr. Scaramucci depicted the system of global trade, whose apostles and architects compose the core of the Davos audience, as in need of repair. President-elect Trump “could be one of the last great hopes for globalism,” he said….
“If you guys get a little bit upset about the tweeting or some of the things that he’s saying, I want to put your mind at ease,” he said. “Directionally, this is a super-compassionate man.”
“He’s not necessarily communicating in a way that the people in this community would love,” Mr. Scaramucci said, “but he is communicating very, very effectively to a very large group of the population in Europe and in the United States that are feeling a common struggle right now that maybe many of us here in this room do not feel.”
Mr. Scaramucci gave a capsule history of European civilization, from Solon to Charlemagne to von Metternich, and suggested that Mr. Trump was following a similar path to the ancient Athenian statesman. “What did Solon make a decision to do? He empowered the lower classes,” Mr. Scaramucci said.

Let me get this straight…Trump-the-Populist, Trump-the-Nationalist, Trump-the-Anti-Globalist’s guy is a member of the World Economic Forum and has been to Davos TEN YEARS IN A ROW???!!!  In case you are not acquainted with “Davos Man,” read this:
Davos 2017: Aristocrats Face the Pitchforks
The disconnect between the Davos community—among the principal beneficiaries of globalization— and the rest of the world is striking

If the highly integrated, early 21st-century global economy had an aristocracy, it would be roughly the group of people who gather this week in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos.
There, the heads of governments, central bankers, chief executives of major banks and global corporations, leading academics, the gorgeous media and entertainment stars, meet each January to survey the global landscape they have constructed and ruled to discuss how to improve it.

In addition to the cognitive dissonance of this guy being that guy, I also thought the words Scaramucci was using to talk about Trump sounded like code–“you might not like the way he talks, but trust me it’s genius,” or worse, “don’t worry, he’s one of us.”
So I wondered who this guy “The Mooch” was, especially since he will have the title held by Valerie Jarrett, widely considered to be Obama’s globalist handler in the White House, Director of the Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs. Could this guy be Trump‘s globalist handler?
Scaramucci went to Harvard Law School and even played basketball with President Obama, he used to be an Obama supporter, and he even got some notoriety having a little tête-à-tête with Obama for our amusement. (I’m quoting the account of the incident here in case it disappears.)
Watch A Hedge Fund Manager And Obama Go From Laughing To Arguing

Obama: Great to see you.
Scaramucci: Actually I went to law school with you back in the day.
Obama: You’ve done very well! Congratulations, that’s great.
(Laughter in the audience)
Scaramucci: And if I fouled you on the hoop court – it wasn’t intentional.
Obama: I remember that!
Scaramucci: You would remember if I fouled you – I’ve got a low center of gravity

Around the time of this exchange, he paid Bill Clinton $175,000 to speak at a business event, but soon after that Scaramucci served as a National Finance Co-Chair for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign. Given all these heady credentials, I was surprised to read evidence of low horse-power (kinda reminded me of Jared Kushner) as Scaramucci failed the bar and got a notoriously low score on the Series 7 (a no-brainer exam–trust me, I took it myself). He was hired then fired then re-hired by Goldman Sachs. (How did he get re-hired after turfing it out of the box? It’s a “hilarious story” no one’s really telling.) And finally….wait for it…he’s a card-carrying member of the CFR, the Council of Foreign Relations, “The Mothership” where we find out what we should be doing and how to think about the world according to Secretary of State Clinton.
And how ’bout this? I have witnessed first hand influencing-peddling that really looks a lot like this. We shall see if it amounts to anything.
Trump Aide Sells China an Entree to Wall Street Hedge Funds
In buying Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital stake, China’s HNA takes an important step in building a global asset-management business

Anthony Scaramucci, a loyal Trump surrogate known as “The Mooch,” is selling his controlling stake in SkyBridge Capital—which manages roughly $12 billion—to Chinese conglomerate HNA Group and investment partner RON Transatlantic EG in a deal that values SkyBridge at around $200 million, according to people familiar with the situation.

Even if HNA gave Mooch more than SkyBridge was worth (I don’t know if they did, but that’s how it would be if they were buying influence), the deal would work out for them if a massive change in government policy funneled Social Security money into hedge funds, which is a very real possibility, especially if the new president is on-board.
For more on what might be on deck for 401ks, read my recent post here.
Wonder if this guy will bear any resemblance to the original? I sometimes wonder what’s in a name what with Donald Trump playing the trump card, Shepherd Smith shepherding the sheeple and Anthony Weiner–well, you get the idea…

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