PODCAST: Conversation w/L.A. County Libertarian Chair Angela McArdle

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1 thought on “PODCAST: Conversation w/L.A. County Libertarian Chair Angela McArdle”

  1. Great interview. So am I the only one who didn’t realize California is having a gubernatorial election this year? (I assumed we’d have to endure at least another 2 years after the recall failed.) Anyway, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard a peep about this other than from a former Californian (now Texan, natch) who interviewed an unaffiliated candidate on his podcast. Aren’t they normally campaigning by now? Anyway, would love to hear your analysis of the upcoming election as well as all the batshit crazy bills that the state senate and assembly are voting on in a couple weeks. In the meantime, THANK YOU for all your great work! I appreciate y’all!

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