Suddenly The First Amendment Matters!

Despite their recent assault on the free speech of anyone in the alternative media, the left was up in arms yesterday about Trump tweeting,

“Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

Fake News Site Slate, who’s played an active role in attempting to silence all dissent by labeling it Russian propaganda, published an article yesterday that’s ironically titled, “Trump’s Flag Burning Tweet Is An Attack On The Most American Of Values – the Freedom of Dissent.”
Suddenly the first amendment matters!
No one on the left really cared when Hillary was promising a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. And why would they? They have no problem censoring films and other forms for political free speech when it comes from their opposition. But when their opposition alludes to cracking down on their free speech, they become defenders of the Constitution.
Slate buttoned up their propaganda piece by showing just how little they truly care about free speech under the guise of caring about free speech.

“His proposal involves, quite literally, throwing dissenters in prison……….This unconstitutional crackdown on free speech has no place in American political discourse.”

If Slate truly gave a rip about the first amendment rights of “All of us” (click link to get full dramatic effect), they would have mentioned that Hillary Clinton introduced a bill criminalizing flag burning back in 2005, a bill that would have involved, to use Slate’s words, “quite literally, throwing dissenters in prison.” 
Is Donald Trump a threat to free speech? The threat that Melania Trump’s cyber bullying agenda presents to the first amendment is something Monica has written about, and something we discussed on the 11th episode of the propaganda report.
Why the Tweet Donald?

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