Drivetime Prop: Dirty Cop Comey Is Guilty But Not Guilty, Progressives Turn On Dave Chappelle, Lawrence O’Donnell’s PR Stunt (2019.08.28)

DOJ: Comey Violated Policy On His Trump Memos — But Won’t Be Prosecuted The next debate will bring a new challenger on stage with Joe Biden Britain’s Queen Is a Figurehead, but She Just Got Dragged Into Brexit Politics President Obama applauds Charlotte teen’s effort to encourage voting You Can Definitely Skip Dave Chappelle’s New … Read more

Ep. 101 – The Inspector General Report Is About Total Information Control (Show Originally Aired on June 16th, 2018)

The Inspector General issued a controversial report showing bias and denying bias at the same time, but what he really did was move us one step closer to totalitarianism. (Show Originally Aired on June 16th, 2018 on WSB Radio Atlanta, WSB 750) A new board was being installed in the studio while we were recording and … Read more

James Comey Unfiltered (Parody) (Video)

Parody. (PG-13) In this exclusive interview, James Comey reveals the truth about his relationship with President Obama, his reason for writing his new book A Higher Loyalty, what he misses most about the FBI, his biggest weakness, the Vince Foster investigation, and what the Russians actually did tape. If you like this video, give it … Read more

The Deep State Is Real & It Isn't What You Think (James Comey is lying)

Earlier tonight during a CNN Town Hall designed to boost the credibility of James Comey and increase his book sales, Comey said that the Deep State does not exist. He’s lying. It does. This is an old episode of the Monica Perez show from October of 2016 where Monica and Ron Paul discuss the Deep … Read more