Drivetime Prop: CNN’s 7 Hours of Hell, Facebook’s Social Justice Dating App, & Lie To Me Joe, Lie To Me! (2019.09.05)

Ep. 183 – 4 Steps To Brainwashing America & Climate Themed Psychological Warfare Yesterday’s show  Drivetime Prop: CNN Town Hall Pushes UN Climate Agenda, Biden’s Lies Are Morally Justified, & Brexit Fear Mongering (2019.09.04) Bernie Sanders: Abortion And Population Control Are Important Parts Of Addressing Climate Change Facebook Dating Is Now Available in the US. … Read more

Fake News Awards Nomination – CNN for Blatantly Biased Liberal Listicles (With 16 Examples!)

President Trump recently tweeted that he’d be announcing the winners of the Fake News Awards this upcoming Monday. With a few days left before the big day, I’d like to nominate CNN for the prestigious ‘Anti-Trump Listicles” award. Or if that’s too specific, we can put them in the ‘Blatantly Biased Liberal Listicles’ category with BuzzFeed. Here’s … Read more