Teace Snyder: Biogeometry, the Nameless Religion & the American Mind

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human hunting parties–very disturbing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-peCsdhscSA


1 thought on “Teace Snyder: Biogeometry, the Nameless Religion & the American Mind”

  1. I think some progressives are starting to realize that some of their positions do not go together; for example, some feminists are losing support for transsexualism. Another example would be Steve Harvey being both anti-gun, and antiabortion; I guess that would be an ultimate example of pacifism, and hypocrisy (he is surrounded by bodyguards with Secret – Service experience). It is likewise naive to think that conservatives think more than progressives, and I find them to be some of the most ignorant people I have interacted with on social media (so much so that I have deleted my LinkedIn account); the fact that they experience the same problem as progressives is evidenced by their bumper stickers. They would have “Back The Blue,” and “Come & Take It” on the same truck; who you think is going to come, and take it? They would also have “Trump 2024,” and “Blue Lives Matter” on the same truck; it is they who are trumping up charges against him

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