Propaganda Report Mini: Totalitarianism to the Rescue!

Lots of propaganda and agenda in the news today – here’s one of the stories that caught my eye, where the propaganda is & what to watch out for #WTWOF …

After pulling back on policing in inner cities and prompting the Ferguson Effect (which I predicted), Chicago is using this government-sponsored dereliction of duty, combined with unconstitutional gun laws as well as a war on drugs which violently interferes with individuals engaging in voluntary arms’ length transactions, to promote a few totalitarian agenda items: increasing the police presence on the street, inviting the federal government into local policing (a squarely non-federal responsibility according the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution) and increased pre-crime surveillance and analysis techniques, which should also scare anyone who sees value in the Bill of Rights.

Police Raids on Chicago Gangs Stem Holiday Weekend Violence

City tries to get the most dangerous people off the street during the long weekend

CHICAGO—A concerted effort here to reduce violent crime during the Memorial Day weekend appears to have led to a drop in shootings….

The drop this holiday weekend suggests police are having initial success in bringing down violent crime through stepped-up enforcement and cooperation with federal agencies….

Chicago police have invested heavily in high-tech tools for predictive policing, which they say will help them head off violence before it happens in specific neighborhoods.

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