Trump Double Dog Dares the EU to Double Down

Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump in typical depictions.

Binkley and I have speculated that nationalism and populism might be a psyop to scare the snowflake generation in the US and Europe into crying out for globalism and this article seems to support the possibility of such a crisis-reaction dialectic.
The European Union, as one of the regional columns of what is likely to be a global government, has been propped up over the past few years in several other ways: the EU’s sovereign debt crisis resulted paradoxically in calls for political union in light of the failure of monetary union alone as well as in a violation of the EU’s law not to monetize member debt by engaging in quantitative easing,* and Italy saw it’s democratically elected president replaced by an EU banker-technocrat. In addition, as George Soros highlighted, tension with Russia will bring the EU together.
Now, as Trump criticizes and even mocks the EU, we have the predicted reaction, at least from those at the top:
Trump’s Dismissal of EU Brings Call for Unity
Europe has ‘destiny in our own hands,’ says German Chancellor Angela Merkel

European politicians called for unity on Monday after President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism of the European Union and the trans-Atlantic alliance jarred the U.S. allies.
In Mr. Trump’s weekend interview with a German and a British newspaper, he said other countries would follow the U.K. in exiting the EU, and added that he was indifferent to the fate of the bloc, which he described as a vehicle for German interests.…
French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Mr. Trump’s comments were an invitation to the bloc to stand united.
“As is the case with Brexit, the best way of defending Europe, which is rather what Mr. Trump has invited us to do, is to remain united, to remain as a bloc, not to forget that the strength of the Europeans lies in their unity,” he said.


A picture of Nigel Farage in the article and a reference to Boris Johnson being on Trump’s side in all this is a reminder to watch out for those names in the future. They’re the operatives on the British side during the Brexit transition, and given their reckless public personae, they may be used to scare people straight when it comes to “turning inward.”
*this practice was ruled legal but the ruling itself seems self-serving

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      • Israel, like the United States, is divided politically. The right in Israel, like the United States, is nationalist and is on Trump’s side. The concept of Israel as a Jewish state was a nationalist political concept since it began taking shape in the mid to late 19th century: Zionsim. Communist Jews have hated nationalist Zionist Jews since the 1917 Revolution, because nationalism works against international solidarity. Communist Jews believed the Jewish state was a tool (first) of imperialist Britain and is (now) a tool of the imperialist United States. I’m reading a book that deals with this subject: Walter Laqueur’s “History of Zionism.”

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