Trump vs Clinton II "The Recount"

In the highly anticipated 1996 heavyweight championship bout between two giants of boxing, Evander Holyfield pulled off the upset against Iron Mike Tyson. This set the stage for the even more highly anticipated rematch. Holyfield vs Tyson II, aka, “The Sound and The Fury” would become, at that time, the highest grossing boxing match in the history of boxing.
The only thing America loves more than watching a fight between hated rivals…….is watching the rematch.
Trump vs Clinton II, “The Recount”, will no doubt capture American’s attention. It should be enough to keep the country┬ádistracted, divided, and filled with rage until at least Christmas. Then what will we fight about next?!
I wonder what the elite will do while America is yet again engrossed in the public spectacle.
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4 thoughts on “Trump vs Clinton II "The Recount"”

  1. I think (my opinion) since the Iran deal is so unpopular, Obama will marginalized Israel. To be more specific, Netanyahu.
    Also, as the first African-American, he will do something to make his mark with the African-American community.

  2. Brilliant take on the rematch! BTW I have a new theory cooking that the reason I have massive cognitive dissonance post-election is that I was told my whole life that fringy candidates can’t win & I’m wondering if that is actually true…Perhaps the signaling of pollster fail (which I identified in the Spring!) was really a way to get away with rigging the election–for Trump!!! They say the Republicans cheat more than the Dems (though I’m sure it’s close…hanging chads, Kerry exit polls in Ohio, ACORN intimidation tactics, Al Franken, etc.) It also seems clear that the whole focus on Trump saying he would question the election results and him being lambasted for that may also have been a set-up to make Dems who question this outcome seem like hypocrites–hypocrisy being the only character flaw subjectivists even acknowledge! But Trump is absolutely right that countless illegals vote – I knew MANY in California…first one was a Danish guy who was a visiting student at Stanford when I was there–he voted for Bill Clinton! An au pair I had out there went to get a drivers license on a one-year visa and was urged to register to vote by the DMV attendant even after she said she wasn’t a citizen! Yet in the first article on the front page of The Wall Street Journal today appeared the claim, in response to Trump’s claims of illegals voting, “Voting is restricted to US citizens, and there is no evidence of widespread voting by illegal immigrants or others ineligible to vote.”

  3. With the exception of Virginia, Hillary only won states with no strict voter ID laws. I checked the maps. The governor of Virginia, Hillary’s friend pardoned 60,000 felons just in time to register. Politifact confirms that felons, when they can vote (pre-crime, post pardon) overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Hillary across the board was a failure in social media. For example, she had 3 times the number of subscribers to “Hillary for Prison on Reddit as she had for Hillary for president. Trump’s Florida rally for example, had approx. 50,000 in attendance while Hillary mostly had a few hundred except when she hired entertainers to shore up her lack of popularity. To me anyway, it’s obvious voter fraud on the Democrat side was of monumental proportions. I believe in my heart that Trump actually won the popular vote by at least somewhere around 60-40.

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