Weird Meme in "London Rampage"

170322-london-police-officer-attack-feature.jpegThe front page of The Wall Street Journal today showed this picture, which immediately struck me as highly unlikely. Look at the picture. The story is that Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood (the man in the suit giving CPR to the man on the ground) got to work waiting for medical personnel, but the picture shows that the man is receiving professional medical help as supplies are ripped open and in use. Clearly, Ellwood was permitted to continue being the main provider of medical aid to the victim despite the fact that an emergency medical team had arrived and was immersed in the scene. (I couldn’t help but be reminded of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on 9/11 carrying stretchers across the lawn of the Pentagon, abandoning his post while the country was under attack and being lauded for it instead of tried.)
I showed my eleven-year-old the picture and asked him this question: “If you were the man on the ground in need of assistance, would you rather have the politician working to save your life or the medical professionals standing all around him?” He astutely chose the medical professionals. I further asked him, “If you were the family of the man on the ground and that man died (which he did), would you be hailing the politician or suing him?” My son said, “He died????? Oh man.” Yeah.
So what gives? Because MP Ellwood is being hailed far and wide as a hero for getting his expensive suit dirty presiding over a dying man while emergency technicians looked on. My inquiring mind wanted to know. I thought either he’s a doctor and all this makes sense, or he isn’t and it doesn’t make sense, in which case I will look to see if he has a background in the military or in intelligence. I googled, “Is Tobias Ellwood a doctor?” and came up short. (The ONLY articles that came up were about the Hero Ellwood.) So I went to Wikipedia and found the following…

And from his official bio:

  • Tobias was educated in Bonn and Vienna when his parents were overseas as members of the United Nations. He returned to attend Loughborough University and subsequently completed an MBA at City University Business School. He also completed the senior executive course in National and International Studies at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Seems like a pretty insidery guy, but no smoking gun – no reports anywhere actually tell what he did in the Royal Green Jackets (hey, maybe with his finance background he was a medic! Oh wait–maybe not.) But I did find one more tidbit…I went to tweet my findings with an article telling the backstory and found this:
U.S.-Born Lawmaker, Whose Brother Was Killed in 2002 Bombing, Tried to Save Wounded Officer During London Attack
This might strike you as a coincidence, but for me, in a world of false flags coincidences like this don’t get the benefit of the doubt, so I did a little more digging. This particular attack was reported by an insider as having likely been a false flag conducted by Indonesian authorities.
Former President admits False Flag attack in the Bali Bombings that killed hundreds
These are the dots–are they connected?
What To Watch Out For: I can’t help but think this little photo op will level up MP Ellwood’s career. #WTWOF

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  1. British paramedic uniforms are green.
    Look more closely. The people in blue or white are police officers, who arrived quickly because they were at or near the scene. The single paramedic is wearing green, and is busy unpacking his supplies. Other paramedics have not yet arrived. It is likely that Ellwood gave CPR until professionals could take over.
    Not every photo is staged; not every attack is a false flag.

  2. ..hmmm… Well he’s not giving CPR in the photo: the arms need to be rigid & straight, the hands need to be one atop the other, the shoulders need to be over the hands. He should be looking at the victim & checking out the (I suppose) breathing partner. Maybe that cop at the feet told him to stop & caused a distraction.

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