Is "Well-Outside the Mainstream" Newspeak for OUT OF HER FREAKIN' MIND???

kissingerWhile all eyes are on Russia, is Trump’s “Deputy” National Security Advisor, former Kissinger staffer and current member of the Council on Foreign Relations, KT McFarland actively pursuing war with North Korea, or at least knowingly provoking China?
White House Options on North Korea Include Use of Military Force
The strategy review comes as recent events have strained stability in Asia

About two weeks ago, deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland convened a meeting with national security officials across the government and asked them for proposals on North Korea, including ideas that one official described as well outside the mainstream.
The request was for all options, ranging from U.S. recognition of North Korea as a nuclear state to military action against Pyongyang. Ms. McFarland’s directive was for the administration to undergo a comprehensive rethink of America’s North Korea policy.
The national security officials reported back to Ms. McFarland with their ideas and suggestions on Tuesday. Those options now will undergo a process under which they will be refined and shaped before they are given to the president for consideration.
The heightened prospect of U.S. military action in North Korea could encourage China, which fears the fallout of a military confrontation with its neighbor, to take steps Washington has long sought to choke off Pyongyang’s economic lifeline.

I have pointed out numerous times that the original plan for influencing the presidency was simply to control what he sees and hears – by doing that you can guide him to make the decisions you want while he believes he’s acting independently.

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