What Happened to Flight MH370? w/ NY Patriot

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3 thoughts on “What Happened to Flight MH370? w/ NY Patriot”

  1. I can think of a couple of reasons that Putin may not out a 9 – 11 conspiracy that has nothing to do the Them; he had every reason to be delighted by the fact that the people we trained, and equipped to throw the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan used our own planes to turn against us. He was able make all sorts of moves while we turned our intelligence focus from Eastern Europe to the Middle East while modularizing our military to fight an insurgency instead of a conventional war that we would most likely have with the Russian Federation; the second reason is implied by the first, but I’ll make it plain. We may not have blown up our own buildings…

      • I honestly think those brown people did it as racist as I’m sure that sounds, and I don’t have a problem with the 9 – 11 report; one of the things that I hate about making too much of a conspiracy out of this is that it gives conservatives who make the mistake of confusing their country with their government an excuse to pretend that we’re the good guys instead of an empire, and I believe just having the Fifth Fleet at Manama protecting Israel is enough of a reason for them to want to do this to us. I believe that the real conspiracy of 9 – 11 is that we trained, and equipped the people that did this to us to get the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan; if that’s not enough, the entire White House from Dick Cheney down tried to get President Bush to use it as an excuse to invade Iraq despite the fact that there was no evidence they had anything to do with it. That’s enough of a conspiracy for me.

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