Who Killed Etan Patz?

150528074706-etan-patz-trail-verdict-juror-adam-sirois-newday-00003201-large-169.jpegI remember this case but I was very young so I didn’t recall the details. Reading about it today as the launchpad for the missing children movement made me curious about how it was finally resolved. Honestly, any major event that acts as a launchpad for a major policy initiative or political movement makes me curious about how it was spun compared with what really happened, so I was curious if it really was what it was painted as. Here was my chance to find out. After all these years, there was a conviction, even after a recent mistrial. I clicked through to the CNN story and, although I rarely have the time or patience to watch the ads or the fluffy news videos, I did it this time because Chris Cuomo (possibly my least favorite so-called journalist, and as the brother and son of governors, likely a deep state operative of the highest order) was interviewing Adam Sirois, the lone hold out juror in the recent mistrial. Despite what clearly appears to be Cuomo’s attempt to discredit the guy, the lone juror convinced me. What do you think? Was Cuomo out to discredit the guy? Did Sirois prevail, or Cuomo?
Here’s the article with the video embedded: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/14/us/etan-patz-case-conviction/index.html
Here’s more from Adam: http://nypost.com/2015/05/10/etan-patz-jurys-lone-pro-acquittal-holdout-speaks/

3 thoughts on “Who Killed Etan Patz?”

  1. Wow! I was very impressed with that interview of Adam Sirois. Glad he was able to state his case so articulately and calmly. I’m sure the interviewer would have liked to rattle him. If I am ever in the same position, I hope I have the courage that this juror had. I’m sure the pressure was high to convict someone of this horrible crime. As the defense attorney for Louise Woodward (nanny in Massachusetts shaken baby death case) said, “Some crimes are so heinous that innocence is not an adequate defense.”

  2. Mr. Sirois gives me hope: DA lacked evidence, circumstance is NOT enuff. 7hrs interrogation is excessive, but he did not dwell on that probably because the label of anti-cop would be applied. Mr. Sirois showed his integrity while the other jurors failed to evaluate logically. Plenty scary.
    Cuomo kept riding Mr. Sirois, hoping to make him slip. A man with convictions will not falter, something which I am sure Cuomo is blissfully unfamiliar. Thanks for the post. Was visiting friends & the faux news channel had the ticker tape at the bottom going… I knew something was squishy. *sigh*

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