#WTWOF: Afghanistan for DynCorp?

What to Watch Out For:
The New York Times recently reported that financier Steve Feinberg would be helping President Trump “assess” US intelligence agencies.

Feinberg was the founder of Cerberus which is the owner of DynCorp, a major IT provider to the US government that got hit hard when Obama started winding down military operations in Afghanistan.
I immediately looked into Trump’s position on Afghanistan and found nothing.
Today, however, I heard on the news that he would be reassessing whether to ramp back up operations there.

Defense Secretary Mattis to decide soon on troop levels in Afghanistan

DynCorp does not seem to be a winning investment for Cerberus–I wonder if that will change. Let’s watch out for that. #WTWOF
Update: Not sure if it’s for DynCorp, but it didn’t take long to re-up in Afghanistan. 82nd Airborne already on way to Afghanistan as Trump mulls more deployments
Update: Another win for DynCorp! Big IT contracts surely to result from Trump’s executive order, Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure

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