Yeah…I'm gonna need those Knowledge Reports…

lumberghIf someone in your family is suspicious, turn him in or be held responsible for his crimes.
Regardless of what really happened in Orlando or what the alleged shooter’s wife did or didn’t do in furtherance of the crime, this case will be used to broaden the scope of how family members can be held accountable in the crimes of relatives. This reminds me of the Scientology expose by Leah Remini that I’ve been watching lately. She explained that family members will submit Knowledge Reports about other family members who have begun questioning the Church (a crime in that organization) because if they don’t tell on the thought crimes of their associates they will be considered guilty of the crime itself. According to Remini et al, as a result of Knowledge Reports, families can be broken up as the guilty party is expelled and “disconnected” from the family members who remain within the Church. If family members don’t disconnect, they too may be expelled and disconnected!
The moral of the story? Submit your Knowledge Report or get arrested!
On a side note, I’ve been thinking for awhile now that all crimes should have to be prosecuted and tried to the full extent of the law even if the alleged perpetrator is dead. I feel this would serve several purposes: force the state to confine the number of crimes to true crimes against person or property rather than victimless crimes such as personal drug use decisions; remove the incentive to kill suspected perps in the commission of the crime (from Dallas to Orlando, the police were not required to prove the sole guilt of the dead perp–this means false narratives can be perpetuated without check or accomplices can get away as law enforcement “got their man”); prevent vindictive sting operations such as the one that imprisoned Tommy Chong for a crime he was not even accused of committing (he was permitted to do time for his son–the obvious goal of the operation from the start.)
I would love to see Mateen’s wife tried for this crime so we could get to the true story, but somehow I doubt that will happen. Here’s the story. Wonder why his White House-connected father wasn’t arrested: FBI arrests wife of Pulse nightclub shooter

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